Dave and Irina's Wedding

Dave gets Married !

Single Women Everywhere Despondent !!

That's right!  I finally got married.  On August 4, 2002 Irina Blyumina and I tied the knot at the Toll House Hotel in Los Gatos, CA.  An old friend of mine, Dena Anthony, presided over the ceremony.  Ira's matron of honor was her friend, Angelika Kotopoulis, and my cousin, Dina Fradkin, was the bridesmaid.  My best man was my best friend since childhood, Dave Hurrell.  Dina's partner (and RPI alum), Bob Pignatti, was the groomsman.  Last but not least, our ring bearer was our wonderful daughter, Natalya.

At the beginning of September, Ira and I went to France for a 2 week honeymoon.  We spent a week in Paris, which was a lot of fun.  We spent a lot of time with Ira's cousin, Inna, and her boyfriend, Yon.   They live in Jerusalem and couldn't get enough vacation time to come to the wedding in California, but they were able to spend a few days with us in Paris.  After Paris we went to "sunny" Provence.  This is where all the Parisians go in August when they take their vacation.  It's sunny in August, but not September.  It rained a lot.  Even so, we managed to see some of the sights of a very beautiful area of France.

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