simon.JPG (10100 bytes) This is Simon.   He is a Peach-Faced Lovebird.  He enjoys chewing on the newspaper in the morning when I am trying to read it.

He expresses his nuanced opinion of the day's events by pooping on particular articles or ads.

Simon is now almost 5 years old.  I bought him at a bird show when he was about 6 months old.

He was hand-raised by the breeder and enjoys interacting with humans a lot.



When I bought Simon, I already had two Parakeets, Fido (top) and Spot:

spotfido.jpg (22457 bytes) These 2 were not hand-raised and I didn't know enough about parakeets at the time to teach them that humans were OK.  They were never all that friendly.

Sadly, Fido passed away in Feb, 2003.  Spot passed away in Jul, 2004. 

So now it's just Simon and his ego.


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