Here's Where I put samples of some of the software/web things that I'm currently playing with.

Palm OS Application Development

  1. 1. Java 2 Micro Edition (including K virtual machine): ~2 MB .zip file.    Download.

    This may be a old version.  For the latest version check:

  2. Day of the week calculator. 
    The user enters a Year, month, and date and this application calculates the corresponding day of the week.  As a bonus the date of Easter for the specified year is computed and displayed.

    Download the Palm Application: DOW.prc

    Currently this only supports the Gregorian Calendar, but soon will support the Julian Calendar also.  (The Gregorian Calendar replaced the Julian Calendar  first adopted in Roman Catholic Europe in 1582 CE, by Great Britian and its colonies in 1752 CE, and by the Soviet Union in 1917 CE, although the Eastern Orthodox Church still uses the Julian Calendar.)

    Download the java source code:,,,

  3. The K Virtual Machine for Palm Devices
    The Day of the week calculator was developed under the Java 2 Micro Edition  using the K virtual machine.  For this, or any other application so developed, to work on your Palm, you need to install the KVM.prc and KVMUtil.prc files.


Download at your own risk!  I am not responsible for the operation of this software, or for any damage to hardware that may be caused by this software.

Sample Java Applet

Example of cgi scripting

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