joan.jpg (9487 bytes)     Joan is my second cousin twice removed

nate&judy.jpg (35190 bytes)  So are Nate and Judy.  Judy is Joan's sister.

emma&ray&ellen.jpg (36781 bytes) Ellen is Nate & Judy's daughter. (My 3rd cousin, once removed.)

beth&dan.jpg (35057 bytes) Beth is Ellen's sister.

peg&eddy.jpg (31178 bytes) Eddie is Ellen and Beth's brother.

steve&laruen.jpg (57380 bytes) Lauren is the daughter of Joan  and Judy's sister, Janet.

joandave.jpg (69930 bytes) 

breakfast.jpg (167183 bytes)

(pictures taken May 10-11, 2003)


Picture of Joans's Great-Grandparents (not Adaskin, but a great picture)